Triple Duty Wind-Up Bike Lights Offer Versatile Juice

Here at Earth Techling, we love devices that cut down on waste by doing double duty, such as a solar charger that takes care of both your cell and your laptop, or a water bottle that doubles as a solar lamp. Plus, we’re suckers for high tech that runs on good old fashioned human elbow grease, or kinetic energy. Which is precisely why we’re so jazzed about the PowerPlus Swallow, a compact wind-up bike light set that can also be used as a flashlight and mobile phone charger. (!)

Billed chiefly as a bike light package, the PowerPlus Swallow contains a headlight and taillight powered by you, the user, through a wind-up charging device built directly into the white-LED-equipped headlight.  One minute of winding the charger will give you 8 minutes of steady headlights, or 60 minutes of flashing headlights and taillight. To charge your phone, simply detach the headlight/charger from the bike mount and plug it into your Nokia, Sony, Siemens, SonyEricsson and/or iPod via the charging tips, sold separately.

image via EcoOutlet

image via EcoOutlet

The headlight, apparently, detaches just as easily to work as a flashlight–with the added bonus being that not only will you not run out of juice during that big camping expedition, you won’t run out of bulb either, as the ultra-bright LEDs used by the PowerPlus Swallow boasting a lifetime of 50,000 hours will probably last longer than you do. Available for around $32.00 for just the lights or around $40.00 with extra tips.

 PowerPlus Swallow Wind-Up Bike Lights [via Red Ferret]

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