Toyota: Over 2 Million Hybrids Served Since 1997

Toyota, maker of the very popular Prius hybrid, released today its annual North America Environmental Report. This report, while covering all aspects of the auto manufacturer’s green initatives, provides some interesting insights into how consumers are taking to hybrids – in particular to Toyota’s, who definitely has the strongest presence in this growing market segment.

Toyota said it has “sold more than two million hybrids worldwide since the first Prius was introduced in 1997.” This isn’t a large number compared obviously to other segments of the auto industry, but the fact there are at least that many Toyota hybrids on the road paints a strong tale of how Toyota was smart to get into vehicles like the Prius when it did. The manufacturer realizes it as well, as it now has a set goal to sell “one million hybrids a year by mid-next decade and offer a hybrid version of all passenger vehicles by the early 2020s.”

image via Toyota

image via Toyota

The news of this number of Toyota hybrids on the roads comes as the company last week also said it was rolling out a limited number of plug-in hybrids to test viability of moving towards this type of auto. Toyota is also planning to bring an all-electric vehicle to market by 2012 as well as aiming for a fuel cell vehicle to market by 2015.

Toyota 2009 North America Environmental Report [via press release]

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