Toyota Kicks Off Global Prius Plug-in Hybrid Push

Toyota, which recently announced some limited release plans here in the United States for its Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHV), further expanded that information today with word of a more limited global launch plan into “key markets” over the first half of next year. Though pricing wasn’t specifically mentioned, word on the street “indicated it would likely be far cheaper than 3 million yen ($33,770)” and that one might see these more fully to market by 2011.

The auto manufacturer, like with its plans here, will be releasing a limited number of Prius PHVs for testing. The idea is to put into the hands of “governments and businesses” in the United States, Japan and Europe around 600 vehicles. Japan will see around one-third of these in its market, while 200 or so will roll into Europe. Toyota is also considering releases in “countries in other regions, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.”

image via Toyota

image via Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), in commenting upon the expansion of the Prius to a PHV version, says that to “meet the diversification of energy sources, plug-in hybrid vehicles are a highly suitable environmentally considerate option.  TMC is therefore actively encouraging market introduction and aiding understanding, and to promote the soonest widespread use of PHVs, TMC will analyze feedback regarding the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, with an aim to begin sales in the tens of thousands of units to the general public in two years.”

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