Sanyo Eneloop Universe Expands with Portable Solar Charger

One of many very cool gadgets available through Sanyo’s Eneloop sustainable lifestyle line–which includes such items as rechargeable batteries good for 12 months, and a cold-weather neck-warmer powered by rechargeables–the Japanese electronics giant is now hopping on the solar charger train with the Eneloop Portable Solar.

The Eneloop Portable Solar looks very much like a briefcase, aside from the fact that the outside is covered in photovoltaic panels. On the opposite side, a mesh pocket holds the Eneloop Power Booster, the battery that stores the collected solar energy, in addition to whatever gadgets you may be toting. Whenever your gadgets are running low, simply plug them into the Power Booster via a USB cable. Eneloop suggests leaving the Portable Solar outside, hanging it in a window, or just carrying it with you while you walk. The device is available with one set of panels or two, depending on your power needs.

image via Sanyo

image via Sanyo

In addition to providing clean, green juice for all those electronic devices that power our modern lifestyle, like most solar chargers, the Eneloop Portable Solar is a good idea for providing emergency back-up power for cell-phones and laptops. The device is already available in Japan, but no word from Sanyo yet on when it will hit North America.

Eneloop Portable Solar [via Gajitz]

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