Portable Pedal Powerbank Offers Versatile Juice

Attention, greenies: you may want to get your hands on this thing before the masses decide that 2012 is the real Y2K. The PowerPlus Gazelle pedal power generator is a concept as elegant as its name–a universal powerbank powered by your feet–though the actual device looks more like some kind of heavy-duty hand-cranked movie camera.

The PowerPlus Gazelle powerbank battery has a switchable output stage that can produce anything from 3V up to 12V, as well as an internal inverter that will produce 220V at 100W. It even has a built-in torch so you can find it in the dark (a great plus, if you’re actually using it in an emergency) and it has a built-in handle so you can lug all 11 lbs. of this thing around.

image via It Must Be Green

image via It Must Be Green

The format of the powerbank means that you can select an output capacity concurrent with your mobile devices, while the AC inverter ensures that the device can provide enough juice to power even home appliances–providing you’re prepared to pedal that hard. The PowerPlus Gazelle powerbank retails for around $150.00.

PowerPlus Gazelle [via Redferret]

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    Vo Nguyen

    Where can I buy this Pedal Powered Powerbank Generator in the US?nCan I pedal while working at my desk?u00a0

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