New Survey Puts Eco Lighting Consumer Habits in Spotlight

Are Americans embracing greener lighting? Yes. Are we aware that by 2012, the good old-fashioned 100-watt incandescent will be history? Apparently not, according to the second annual Sylvania Socket Survey, conducted in November of 2009, which includes more than 300 interviews with home owners and renters nationwide.

While the survey found that price-sensitivity has spiked in the past year (surprise surprise), the majority of respondents have nevertheless warmed up to the idea of eco-lighting and say they are likely to purchase a CFL, halogen or LED bulb in the future. Some additional findings include the fact that CFLs are now a fixture in 71 percent of homes surveyed–halogens are present, in some shape or form, in 40 percent of households–and that LEDs are now beginning to gain followers, with 12 percent reporting using the technology.

image via Energy Circle

image via Energy Circle

The survey also found that “light bulb hoarders” are currently in the minority, and that most Americans were more concerned with saving money and energy than mourning the phase-out of the incandescent bulb mandated by the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, starting with the 100-watt in 2012. The majority of those surveyed (66 percent) were planning to switch to a new technology light bulb, with only 13 percent planning to buy extra 100-watt bulbs before the phase-out .

Sylvania Socket Survey [via press release]

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    I enjoy the LED’s that I purchased from I feel safe knowing that there aren’t any harmful chemicals in my lights and some of them don’t even break at all upon impact!

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