New Search Engine Wants to Be Your Greener Choice

What does it truly take for a search engine to be green? Donating to public causes which promote a greener way of life? Using technologies which make the equipment accessing and processing the search engine more energy efficient? These questions do not have easy answers, but new “green” search engine Ecosia, saying it is “dubbed the greenest in the globe,” thinks it fits this title.

Ecosia, launched out of Berlin, Germany, “is the brainchild of a group of green-minded friends who wanted to make search engines more eco-friendly.” So what supposedly makes it so green? This outfit says its servers, for starters, run on green electricity, which is probably generated from carbon credits. Bigger than this though, is the fact Ecosia “will give away most of its income to an environmental protection project run by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).” Each search reportedly will save “about two square meters of rainforest” as users will be served up results alongside sponsored links. These links, typical in mainstream search engines, generate a small amount of revenue each time they are clicked on.

image via Ecosia

image via Ecosia

Ecosia says Yahoo and Bing are supporting it “by providing search results and supplying it with the sponsored links needed to generate advertising revenue.” This company’s goal of helping the WWF save the Amazon rainforest has not gone unnoticed by the environmental organization, with one of its representatives being quoted as saying “The green search engine is a very modern and innovative approach, allowing its users to help save the world’s climate effortlessly.”

Ecosia [via press release]

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