New Planar Runco Projectors Use Less Power

For those who can afford them, home theater projectors provide a nice alternative to traditionally watch blockbuster movies on a television screen. Projectors though, with their lamps, are energy hogs. Planar Systems thinks it has worked around this issue though, introducing recently some new lampless LED projectors which reportedly are much more energy efficient.

Planar says its Runco QuantumColor Q-750i and Q-750d lampless LED projectors, because of this technology, is said to have up to a 70 percent reduction in power consumption compared to other projectors. They also boast a mercury-free illumination system and an instant on function “which eliminates the need to put the projector in standby mode.” The technology for the lampless LED projectors was developed after working with Texas Instruments for nearly a year and eliminates all moving parts of the engine.

image via Planar Systems

image via Planar Systems

Planar added the Q-750i features integrated video processing, while the Q-750d is paired with Runco’s latest DHD controller/processor. As for pricing, the Q-750i prices around $15,000, while the Q-750d comes in at around $18,000. Both are currently available.

Planar Runco QuantumColor Projectors [via press release]

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