New Accell GreenGenius Power Strips Combat Vampire Power

Vampire power continues to be an issue with the energy grid, despite lots of education going on about the need to fully shut off devices such as computers and home electronics beyond just hitting the power button. This vampire power drain issue has created a market of products which greater address this issue for consumers, with items like these upcoming power management surge protectors from Accell.

Accell, a maker of A/V connectivity products, will be unveiling its new GreenGenius Smart Surge Protectors at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show next week. These surge protectors automatically turn off power to idle devices, eliminating what Accell says what is up to “15% of the energy an average household uses is for standby current.” They do this by using a sensor to monitor flow of electricity into a “control outlet.” When this electricity flow increases or decreases, the GreenGenius automatically turns on or off the power to slave outlets on the same strip which have devices plugged into them.

image via Accell

image via Accell

Devices one does not wish turned on or off automatically can be plugged into always on outlets if desired. Several different models of these GreenGenius products look to be getting released, including one designed to handle the higher energy requirements of home theater systems.

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