Meeting the Nissan Leaf Front and Center: A Photo Interview

One of the buzz cars right now in the green car movement is the all-electric Nissan Leaf. We’ve done an in-depth preview of the Leaf before via material provided by Nissan, but an ongoing tour of the Leaf around the United States recently brought it to Portland, Oregon, which is EarthTechling HQ territory. We dropped in on the Leaf and those showing it off to interested parties, asking some questions about it and generally just oooing and ahhing over the potentials this vehicle has to offer.

We later on followed up via email with Mark Perry, director of product planning, Nissan North America, and one of the leading forces at the auto manufacturer pushing the Leaf, to ask him a few questions about this electric car. Check out the next few pages of this article to see photos of the Leaf and also¬†Perry’s answers to questions around what it will take for the Leaf to beat out other green cars like the king of the hill Toyota Prius and the upcoming Chevy Volt.


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