Ingenious Ethanol Fireplace Rolls From Room To Room

For everyone who’d love to have a fireplace, but would rather not release carbon into the atmosphere (even from a renewable resource like firewood) there’s now a very cool (if pricey) solution: the Roll Fire, a donut-shaped movable fireplace that burns nothing but clean, green bio-ethanol.

According to Conmoto, the company that offers the Roll Fire, the fireplace “balances its steel tank as the ball rolls out confidently.”  Allowing some wiggle room for what’s been lost in translation, we think that means it doesn’t spill ethanol as it rolls into your desired position. Glass panels on either side held in by magnets allow for viewing from both sides; when you’re running low on ethanol, simply remove the panels and refill the tank. (Produced from sugarcane or potato, bio-ethanol is similar to the type of alcohol found in alchoholic beverages.)

image via Conmoto

image via Conmoto

If you’re interested in keeping the Roll Fire in one secure location, don’t worry, it also comes with an optional wall bracket, making it easy to mount, as well as a stand that keeps it anchored in position on the floor. It retails for around $3,570.00 online.

Roll Fire [via Green Launches]

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