Hot Air? The M-6 Wind-Powered Concept Car

Hey, Speed Racer, nice eco-ride! A new concept car from designer Funfere Koroye combines the sexy styling of a Formula One race-car with an airplane and powers the whole thing with air, for the head-turning zero emissions roadster of the future.

The M-6 wind-powered car has three wheels, a giant fin on the back, Formula One carbon composite body parts, a rudder, wings, and a direct current motor that converts small wind into momentum. The way all this works is really a little hazy, but according to the designer, “as the momentum increase[s] the intake of wind drives the car faster,” allowing the car to hit 120 miles per hour without producing so much as a mouseprint of carbon emissions.


image via Yankodesign

image via Yankodesign

While there are air-car concepts that do sound pretty plausible, this one may exist more in the fly-boy daydreams of the designer than in any real or probably reality–much like the scantily clad model featured beside the M-6 in this post.

M-6 Wind-Powered Car

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