Honda Unveils “Nutty” Gas-Electric Metro Concept Car

The folks at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. unveiled a new design study model at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show: the Personal-Neo Urban Transport , or P-NUT, demonstrating “a futuristic concept for an ultra-compact and sophisticated city coupe” according to the Honda website.

The P-NUT is a three-seater electric car built around a center driving position configuration and a rear powertrain layout.  The seats in the back can be folded down for greater storage, or up to accommodate passengers; the power source being mounted in the rear of the car means that  the driver’s leg room extends almost all the way to the front. The P-NUT design includes an efficient gas engine, a gas-electric hybrid or a pure electric set up.

image via Greenlaunches

image via Greenlaunches

Conceived around a small “footprint” for maximum convenience in tight urban settings, the exterior styling blends crisp angles with dynamic flowing lines, resulting in a tiny car that looks somehow both cute and aggressive. “While the Honda P-NUT concept introduces function-oriented concepts,” Dave Marek, director of advanced design for Honda R&D Americas, Inc., “it also shows that small cars don’t have to compromise on style or amenities.”

Honda P-NUT [via Greenlaunches]

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