Gingerbread Home Offers Tasty Green Tech Ideas

Is it possible one could consider a home sustainable if they could literally eat the walls to feed themselves? Or at least to have a little snack? While you ponder that, ponder this: how about if the house was made of gingerbread? It would at least make it a nice holiday treat. We like therefore an eco-themed gingerbread home on a regular gingerbread home scale size (which we wouldn’t mind seeing full size) entered into a contest in Canada.

The Creative Room out of Vancouver, British Columbia, is currently hosting a gingerbread home contest to raise proceeds for charity. Entries are “made from edible materials, constructed at a scale to fit within a 16″ x 16″ box, and displayed at the Museum of Vancouver” until December 10, when a winner will be decided. We are backing the Earthship Lollipop design ourselves, with its carefully considered, most likely very tasty, organic (sugar glass) solar panels and windmill.

image via Creative Room

image via Creative Room

The designers, in putting together this gingerbread piece of art, call it the world’s “first LEAD (Leadership in Edible Architectural Design) Platinum residence” and their “West Coast modern interpretation of these highly sustainable (and delicious) homes.” It includes “a rammed-icing English Mint wall with high Cocoa-mass qualities to mitigate sweet-loss, Italian-style breadstick post and beam construction and the latest in solar-gain reducing (and weight-gain promoting) gum-paste roof membrane.” Yumm.

via Inhabitat

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