From Cruiser To Camper: The Eco Expedition Vehicle Concept

And now, the concept car for everyone who loved Transformers as a kid: the EVC (Expedition Vehicle Concept) by designer Prodan Dragos, the hybrid that goes from a camper to an open-top cruiser in a matter of minutes.

Rolling down the boulevard? Lower the top and sport this city cruiser with style; those large wrap-around windows are sure to turn some heads. Ready to head out into the great outdoors? The vehicle boasts 250mm (10 inch) ground clearance, a durable nano-polymere body and a 4×4 hybrid drive train, great for off-roading. The front seats can be swiveled around to face backwards when parked, allowing for a living-room type feel; when you’re ready to go to bed,  the rear of the vehicle can be extended and the rear seats folded out flat into a sleeping area. The vehicle also features a number of waterproof workboxes for all your important gear.

image via Prodan Dragos

image via Prodan Dragos

As an added bonus, the headlights of the EVC actually detach, giving users a superbright flashlight option for uh, shining deer (what the heck else would you do with flashlights this big?!)  If you’re worried about draining your battery, though, don’t worry; the solar PV panels embedded in the roof of the EVC provide extra juice, stored from the daylight hours.

Expedition Vehicle Concept [via Green Launches]

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