Eden Mist: Aerated Water Steamy Shower Concept

While the words ‘eco’ and ‘luxury shower’ seldom wind up in the same sentence, a new concept design called the Eden Mist could change all that. Rather than enveloping your body in an omnidirectional, wasteful stream of high-pressure water like most high-end showers, the Eden Mist uses steam to turn your unit into a home spa while saving oodles of H2O.

Designed by Alemina Vranas from the University of New South Wales, Australia–that continent famous for standardized rainwater catchment on new construction, among other things–the Eden Mist would use existing aerated technology, an instant hot water function and a unique steam function working together to cut water in the shower by up to 66 percent, while allowing users to enjoy “full flow performance,” according to the concept product website.

image via Ecofriend

image via Ecofriend

The Eden Mist design uses a thermostatic mixer to provide hot water on demand, which cuts down on wasted water at the outset of your shower– but it’s the unit’s unique steam function that cuts down consumption from the 3 gallons per minute of your average shower to just over .25 liter per minute.  The Eden Mist is designed to be manufactured from durable and non-corrosive polished pressed stainless steel sheet metal and die-cast mild steel powder coated black components, which promise longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Eden Mist [via Ecofriend]

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