Ecobot Measures Your Laptop’s Total Carbon Footprint

The growing world of online and installed computer applications which let you measure your carbon footprint across varies aspects of your life is useful for giving you an idea of how you might be able to better impact the planet. One which recently caught our eye is Ecobot, an app which environmentally analyzes how you use your laptop.

Ecobot, installed on your laptop as an open source Adobe AIR program, lets you track your carbon footprint through three different aspects, while also offering one in which to offset. It tracks, via the remote wireless networks you access when away from home, the distance you travel to let you know fuel consumption. It logs how much printing you do to let you know your paper consumption. Also noted, through monitoring a laptop’s CPU usage and other factors, how much power you are using.

image via Ecoboot

image via Ecobot

To help you offset the total carbon emissions recorded by Ecobot, it links you to a Web site where you can buy the offsets to become carbon neutral. The application was developed by a group called Taxi.

Ecobot [via TreeHugger]

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