Ecoboat Concept Runs Exclusively On Sun And Wind

Industrial designer Adam Valmossoi had a bright idea: why not design a boat that provides its own power at sea? The result is the Leviathan, an eco-friendly concept yacht powered exclusively by solar and wind.

This zero-emissions concept yacht features two electric jet pump engines placed side by side along the inside of the boat’s keel, powered by two on board power-generators. The first being two large solar panels that line the actual decks of the yacht, capable of supporting the weight of multiple passengers–and the second, a single multi-directional wind-turbine that retracts when its services are not required.

image via Ecofriend

image via Ecofriend

The lithium ion batteries that line the hull of the Leviathan allow the yacht to hold its charge, whatever the weather, and a jet pump primarily contained within the body of the boat allows it to stay high and dry while controlling parts exposed to water.

Leviathan Yacht Concept [via Ecofriend]

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