Design Hara Showcases Very Green, Stylish Computer

We love the idea of computers being as eco-friendly as they can be – made from sustainable materials as well as being as chemical free and energy efficient as possible. All of these ideals can be found, it looks like, via a computer designed by Design Hara out of Seoul, South Korea.

Design Hara’s green HTPC is described as sporting a “premium design…with recyclable green materials.” The chassis of this PC is said to be made of harmless materials, such as natural wood for the side panels which are not chemically treated. The wood is handcrafted from a choice of cypress wood from Italy or rose wood from Canada. The front cover of this computer, if so desired, can be made from natural sheep leather.

image via Design Hara

image via Design Hara

Internally, Design Hara’s green PC is connected by a bolts and nuts structure, making it easier to separate so recyclable e-waste can be removed. It is compatible with Mini-ITX small motherboards, allowing it to use only a third of the energy more traditionally drawn by desktop computers. It can function well as a living room PC via HDMI and DVI outputs and has, among other technical features, an Intel Core2Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive.

Design Hara HTPC [via IGreenSpot]

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