Amazon Kindle, Ebooks Skyrocket in Sales Over Holiday

Ebook readers are a product category which for years remained a niche item. Most folks prefer the texture and such of traditional paper and hard back books, despite the fact we hack down a lot of trees every year to support the book industry. There seems to be a shift lately, however, as more publishers and manufacturers get into ebooks and ebook readers. The most popular of these devices at the moment is the Amazon Kindle, especially given fresh information about 2009 holiday sales., pretty much the leading online retailer, said that sales of its Kindle ebook reader made it the “most gifted item” in the company’s history. This is on top of the fact that, on Christmas Day specifically, customers of the shopping site purchased more Kindle ebooks than physical books for the first time ever.

image via Amazon

image via Amazon

While Kindle sales were skyrocketing, according to Amazon, so did it seem sales of other electronics were doing quite well also. No specific numbers were made available, but wordy descriptions by Amazon suggest high volumes were sold. While this may be good for the company’s bottom line as well as the economy, one has to wonder how this might contribute to e-waste issues.

Amazon Kindle [via press release]

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