Almost $50K Off a Tesla Roadster?? Visit Colorado By December 31

With the end of the year just a few days away, electric car buyers in two different states are facing a quick countdown to massive tax rebates. In Oklahoma, it was an $865 electric low speed vehicle after over $9,700 in rebates. In Colorado, meanwhile, state tax credits alone on the luxury Tesla Roadster amount to a whopping $42,083 before 2009 expires [original PDF here, but be aware it may not load due to high traffic volume].

The Tesla Roadster, in addition to this huge state rebate, is also said to get, according to Gas 2.0, another $7,500 in federal tax rebates [Note that the $7,500, according to Tesla, is priced into the cost of the vehicle]. Doing the math, one could roughly get a Tesla Roadster, before fees and such, down to around $52,000 from its $101,500 price tag! That is a savings of nearly half for an electric vehicle which goes 0-60 in under four seconds and has a range of around 244 miles per charge.

image via Tesla

image via Tesla

The Tesla is not the only vehicle to qualify under this Colorado rebate – one could get, for example, over $3,000 for a Prius. The reason the Tesla is so high compared to the others though, according to Autoblog, is that the state tax credit is figured out “by determining the difference in price of the alt-fuel car or truck as compared to a competitive gas-powered model.” It is being compared to a Lotus Elise apparently, which is why the tax break is so high. Not everyone in Colorado has been happy about that but, at least for a couple more days, EV lovers have a chance to buy one of the hottest electric cars out there at a much cheaper price.

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