Gadget Charger Juices Devices Eco-Friendly Style

Here at EarthTechling, we love green gadget chargers, solar especially. But the Green Gadget Charging Station made us stop and think. Is it solar? No. Is it hand-cranked or pedal-powered? No. Then why is it green? Because A) it charges all your gadgets at once, cutting out the unnecessary e-waste of multiple chargers, and B) it stops sending juice to your gadget when it’s already fully charged.

This last one may sound minor, but consider the fact that your average cell phone charges in just a few hours, but is typically left plugged in overnight. This means that the battery power keeps draining to accommodate the extra charge, reducing the life of the battery while wasting electricity and money.

image via ThinkGeek

image via ThinkGeek

The Green Gadget Charging Station can charge up to four gadgets at the same time, comes with multiple connectors and two removable USB ports, and can be used to charge electronic devices requiring different voltages . It also has an LED light which flashes while charging and shuts off when your gadget is fully charged. It retails for $59.99.

Green Gadget Charging Station [via GreenGadgeting]

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    This is an awesome product!!!! I did a lot of research on charging stations before I bought the Gen Z. It is great. I can charge my iTouch, my cell phone and a 2nd cell phone at the same time. I still can charge an other item. I don’t have to leave on the computer all night anymore to charge the iTouch. I can’t wait to see if my electricity bill goes down. I highly recommend this item.

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