Sprint Mobile Accessories to Get Eco-Friendly Packaging

Cellular service provider Sprint, which has been making some green inroads as of late with an eco-friendly phone and eco-friendly mobile accessories, is now going even further down this path via sustainable packaging on a variety of its products. These packaging changes begin this month.

Sprint said it is launching its “redesigned, environmentally friendly packaging for its extensive wireless accessory line” at both its retail stores and online. This packaging includes “a fully recyclable casing that is 20 to 40 percent smaller than previous accessory packaging,” soy and vegetable based inks to replace petroleum-based ink and paperboard that comes from wood which is certified by a process which “promotes conservation and responsible management of forests.”

image via Sprint

image via Sprint

Sprint’s reasons for doing this more eco-friendly packaging cross, at least somewhat, into dollars and sense as well as being a more environmentally responsible company. There’s the pulling on the green heartstrings of consumers more and more focused on green-related products, and then there’s also the fact the previously mentioned “fully recyclable casing,” which will cause “a 35% reduction in accessory packaging costs generating an annualized savings for Sprint of approximately $2.1 million.” it does end up being about the green, whatever way you look at it.

Sprint [via press release]

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