Special Pavement You Walk on Harvests Kinetic Energy

We’ve talked before about the harvesting of kinetic energy as an electrical source from moving objects, though this has been more focused on cars driving over special bumps in the road. Now another energy harvesting outfit is looking to collect electricity from special slabs you walk over to do things like power a bus stop light for a good portion of a day.

Pavegen Systems, out of the United Kingdom, has developed these unique paving slabs – special areas integrated into the pavement you walk on which collect kinetic energy from footfalls and convert it to electricity. Each time a person steps on one of these slabs, it depresses 5mm and generates the energy. A small percentage of this energy causes part of the slab to glow so you know it is working, but the rest of it goes to power things around it.

image via Pavegen Systems

image via Pavegen Systems

Pavegen, which is currently seeking a patent for this technology, has been putting this energy harvesting system through trials, including one recently in East London. The start up continues to seek venues in which to test and show off its technology, with more planned trials in 2010.

Pavegen Systems [via GreenMuze]

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