New Portable Fuel Cell Charger from Toshiba Offers Promise

Fuel cell technology is one of a variety of alternative energy sources being explored to power personal electronics. Toshiba recently made some waves over this, bringing on a very limited basis to market a portable fuel cell charger available for sale only in Japan. It is called the Dynario.

The Dynario, as Toshiba explains it, “runs on mix of methanol and ambient oxygen, and the chemical reaction between the two in the fuel cell produces electricity.” The electricity is stored in a lithium-ion battery built into the charger, which it turn can be used to recharge mobile electronic devices such as cell phones. A small amount of methanol inserted into the Dynario from a dedicated cartridge is said to be enough to quickly generate enough energy to charge “two typical mobile phones.”

image via Toshiba

image via Toshiba

Toshiba is using the Dynario as a testing product for its future development of fuel cell technology on a consumer level. The consumer electronics manufacturer said it plans to “gauge consumer reaction and opinion” for the Japanese release of this portable recharging device as it moves on to potentially creating other fuel cell products.

Toshiba Dynario [via TreeHugger]

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