New 27-Foot Nimbus Electric Cabin Cruiser Debuts

Boat builder Nimbus, based in Sweden, is laying claim to being the first to offer an electrically powered boat for the commercial market. While we can’t verify this claim, we can say the maker’s new Nimbus 27 E-power 27-foot long cruiser is one nice looking ship which will soon be cruising the waters of your local waterway.

The Nimbus 27 E-power reportedly will have a cruising speed of around 22 knots and a top speed of 27 knots. The range of this all-electric boat is said to be up to around 20 nautical miles before needing a recharge. Charging time will take around four hours for a full charge, with an estimated lifetime on the battery to sustain for around 3,000 charges, or roughly 10 years of usage.

image via Nimbus Boats

image via Nimbus Boats

“Nimbus shall be the best in the world in the environment segment, ” said Nimbus Boats managing director Magnus Andersson in a statement. “The electrically powered boat establishes our lead. We are now showing the way in the development of pro-environmental boats, without losing any comfort or performance.”

Nimbus 27 E-power [via Gizmodo]

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