Large-Screen Plasma TVs Boast Energy Efficiency

Bigger is not always bigger, especially when it comes to going green. But the Hummer of televisions–a.k.a., the large-screen plasma TV–may also be the greenest option when it comes to your home entertainment options this holiday season.

According to the Plasma Display Coalition, a new 42-50 inch plasma television set uses less than half of the electricity consumed by the 36-inch television sets that were popular a decade ago, and can even be more energy efficient than a 27-inch picture tube screen. The organization places the cost of plasma TV operation at 20 cents a day, and the cost of standby or “vampire power” at just 25 cents a year.

image via Plasma Display Coalition

image via Plasma Display Coalition

The energy-efficiency of plasma TVs has increased considerably since 2007, with manufacturing practices cutting energy usage by an average of 10% a year. According to the Plasma Display Coalition, a modern television set consumes the equivalent of two 75 watt light bulbs

Plasma Display Coalition [via press release]

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