Laptop Stands Made of Bamboo Draw Pandas

Laptop stands, such as the one hosting the laptop this story is being written on, aren’t exactly eco-friendly in terms of the plastics they are made from. Macally, a computer accessories manufacturer, has released what it thinks is a more sustainable solution: laptop stands made from renewable bamboo.

The Macally EcoFan and EcoFanPro, both priced around $40, are designed by Macally to not only be sustainable but also a cooler for your notebook computer. Each model, which can support laptops with screen sizes up to 17-inches, has two built-in cooling fans which are reportedly quiet and powered by connecting to the computer’s USB port.

image via Macally

image via Macally

Both the EcoFan and EcoFanPro laptop stands are said to be ergonomically designed. The only notable difference between the two seems to be that the EcoFanPro offers three adjustable heights, while the EcoFan is stationary. Both look to be available now.

Macally Laptop Stands [via Ecofriend]

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