Kill-A-Watt Energy Meter Gets Fancy Graphic Overhaul

For anyone interested in going green, monitoring the energy used by household appliances and gadgets is a smart idea. The new Kill-A-Watt Graphic Timer offers users a picture of how much energy a given device is using, day by day, hour by hour, while doubling as a surge protector and programmable appliance timer.

Like the original Kill-A-Watt, the device is designed to plug directly into an electrical outlet, allowing users to passively monitor the energy use associated with a given gadget or appliance. Unlike the original, the new graphic interface allows users to control how much energy is used by creating unique programs for each of the seven days of the week in quarter hour on/off periods. Additionally, the device offers protection against over current, over voltage, and under voltage fluctuations in power levels.

image via Think Geek

image via Think Geek

According to the company, the Kill-A-Watt Graphic Interface also helps to prolong the lifespan of appliances by applying start-up power via a Zero power crossing spike-free switch. Both power measurements and programs are stored in the internal memory of the device and retained during power outages.

Kill-A-Watt Graphical Timer [via Red Ferret]

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