Japanese Get Fun Looking Millet Electric Scooter

It can be easy to get jealous at the Japanese if you love any form of technology, green or otherwise. The citizens of this island nation often see cool new tech long before it finds its way to American shores (if ever). They even get fun new eco-friendly scooters, such as the recently announced Millet from Prostaff.

The Prostaff Millet is a zero-emissions, electric scooter which draws its design cues from traditional Italian moped looks. It can be charged in a standard Japanese electrical outlet, taking up to four hours to reach a full charge. Maximum distance per charge is around 22 miles.

image via Prostaff

image via Prostaff

Other features of the Millet, which will be available probably in Japan only next spring, include manual pedal power if the battery fails, quiet operation and a removable battery which can be charged when not in the scooter. It prices a little above $,2400.

Prostaff Millet [via Green Diary]

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