California Votes in Higher TV Energy Standards

Back in September we reported to you about how the California Energy Commission (CEC) was considering new regulations which would require television manufacturers selling TVs in the Golden State to make them much more energy efficient. It seemed a foregone conclusion that after the commenting period these regulations would be enacted. That’s what happened today, as the CEC voted unanimously to approve them.

The CEC, in a 5-0 vote, put into place rules which will now require that, starting in 2011, new televisions sold in California should consume 33 percent less electricity. This jumps to 49 percent less electricity by 2013. Not all TVs will be impacted under these regulations – only those with screen sizes 58 inches or smaller are targeted. The commission estimates the regulations, after a ten-year period, will save $8.1 billion in energy costs and save enough energy to power 864,000 single-family homes.

image via California

image via California

Not everyone is happy with these new regulations obviously. The Consumer Electronics Association, which represents the manufacturers impacted under these these first of a kind state level mandates, said in a terse statement that “simply put, this is bad policy—dangerous for the California economy, dangerous for technology innovation and dangerous for consumer freedom. Instead of allowing customers to choose the products they want, the Commission has decided to impose arbitrary standards that will hamper innovation and limit consumer choice. It will result in higher prices for consumers, job losses for Californians, and lost tax revenue for the state.”

California Energy Commission [via press release]

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