AirRay Concept Auto Fueled by Wind, Sun, Bright Ideas

It is time for another EarthSure renewable energy concept, EarthTechling readers, so pull up a chair and take a read. The company which has brought us interesting ideas like an underground solar system and a device which turns AC unit exhaust into energy is now promoting a concept vehicle which runs solely from renewable energy sources found in the outdoors. Meet the AirRay auto.

The AirRay auto, according to EarthSure CEO Raymond Saluccio, is a concept car which runs on solar and wind power through an innovative series of built-in harnessing solutions. The roof of the car “consists of a solar honeycomb-membrane panel which collects the sun’s rays when parked and when moving,” while the front hood has “three wind turbines which transfer air into electric energy.” The solar and wind energies, as well as additional wind energy collected from a turbine in trunk which grasps “at the airflow that surrounds the car when driving,” is collectively stored in the main energy storage system located in the back of the vehicle.

image via EarthSure

image via EarthSure

“Our final masterpiece of automobile will be solely electric powered and not have any need for gas or oil,” said Saluccio in a statement. “The energy the car creates through the solar panels and the wind turbines will be enough for the automobile to run without worry of losing power.” It is even envisioned that this car could produce enough energy “which will enable the user to transfer renewable power back into their home for use in their household or right back into the electrical grid to deplete their electric bills.”

EarthSure AirRay [via press release]

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