A Greener Scooter: The Propane-Powered Pro-Ped

Although even gas-powered scooters produce a fraction of the greenhouse gases associated with cars, there’s now an even greener alternative: the propane-powered scooter. The lightweight and portable GSR Sport Pro-Ped from Patmont Auto Werks comes equipped with a clean-burning four-stroke propane motor, eliminating the emissions of greenhouse gases and carcinogens associated with burning gasoline.

The Pro-Ped offers a top speed of 21 miles per hour and a range of about 20 miles a half-throttle; according to the company, it can carry up to 400 lbs. Propane is supplied via the twist-on canisters found in most hardware and camping stores. The scooter is comparable in terms of its green profile to Patmont Auto Werks’ electric scooters, but is significantly more lightweight and comes at a lower price point. The Pro-Ped can also be folded for easy transportation.

image via Autoblog Green

image via Autoblog Green

The propane powered four-stroke engine technology for the Pro-Ped was supplied by LEHR, a company whose propane-powered products have been awarded the EPA clean Air Excellence Award and Popular Mechanics 2009 “10 Most Brilliant Products” Breakthrough Award. In addition to the Pro-Ped, Patmont Auto Werks also offers the LEHR four-stroke propane engine on its four-wheeled Go Quad; they retail at $499.00 and $699.00, respectively.

Go Ped [via Autoblog Green]

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