Dead BMW Scooter Sees Brief Life as Electric Vehicle

BMW apparently recently brought back to life a failed scooter project in Europe, strapping an electric motor to a prototype so it could be used in a safety study on urban motorcycling. For those in the know, the original scooter was known as the C1, with this particular derivative being called the C1-E.

The BMW C1-E will most likely never see the light of day, according to BMW, but was useful to the company for contributing data to the European study. The C1-E, as far as scooters go, takes the traditional scooter look and slaps onto it, like the original C1, a “safety cell” complete with roll-over bar and nose end with an “energy-absorbing impact element.” The C1-E, which also sports a seat belt, makes use of an electric motor made with components from a company known as Vectrix. The C1 line, according to Wired, never did well in European sales and was discontinued years ago because “several European countries refused to exempt C1 riders from existing helmet laws,” despite studies showing how safe the two-wheeled vehicle was.

image via BMW

image via BMW

BMW C1-E [via Wired]

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