VW’s E-Up! Could Be a Future EV Bug

The Beetle of the 21st Century? Bold words indeed from Volkswagen as it premieres at the Frankfurt Motor Show its concept electric vehicle known as the E-Up! This zero emissions vehicle, in form or another, may well see the light of day by the year 2013.

Volkswagen’s E-Up! concept car is capable of getting upwards of 85 MPH, letting one drive a total distance of around 80 miles over 18 hours. Like other electric vehicles, this VW could be plugged into a standard AC outlet at night and be charged fully in about five hours. Acceleration is pretty quick, but what is really nice about the E-Up! are the design touches like the headlights, side profile styling and a solar roof which can supply energy to the car’s electrical system to power the ventilation system. Seating is said to be a 3+1 design, meaning there’s increased leg room behind the front passenger which could allow for two adults to sit behind that person.

image via Volkswagen

image via Volkswagen

Volkswagen E-Up! Concept [via Gas 2.0]

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