The Arcimoto Pulse Launch: A New Electric Car Premieres

A group of young dreamers led by an MIT graduate and backed by a successful entrepreneur. An unveiling of a new electric car in Portland, Oregon – a ground zero for green technology innovation. An uncertain future, but a desire to make a hit of a new product that is green-focused. This all and more played forth today in the public unveiling of electric car start up Arcimoto’s Pulse electric vehicle (EV).

image copyright 2009 EarthTechling

Arcimoto Pulse - image copyright 2009 EarthTechling

23-year-old Arcimoto CEO Erik Stafl found himself presenting in Portland’s Pioneer Square to a crowd of interested passers-by and media who were witness to the unveiling of the Pulse, a three-wheeled electric car trying to wedge itself into a crowded EV field. Arcimoto, founded by GarageGames entrepreneur Mark Frohnmayer and based in Eugene, Oregon, will be taking on the likes of Tesla Motors, perhaps the most well known of the current crop of electric car makers, as well as giants like General Motors and its Volt. Stafl doesn’t seem concerned about any of that though, feeling confident the Pulse will find a niche.

“It is well suited for short to medium range driving,” said Stafl, “in a large or small metropolitan area.”

Erik Stafl, Aricmoto CEO - image copyright 2009 EarthTechling

Erik Stafl, Aricmoto CEO - image copyright 2009 EarthTechling

The Arcimoto Pulse, as far as electric vehicles go, is a looker. It has sleek design, that three wheel base, nice color selection (at least on the prototype being shown) and an overall presence which will turn some heads as it cruises around in urban environments. Cost for the base model, said by Stafl to be available in fall 2010, will be under $20,000. Arcimoto was busy taking pre-orders of $500 during the launch today, recording ten takers both online and during the on-site presentation.

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