Electric Motorcycle Speeds Along at 150 MPH

Salt flats seem to be the popular place to show off just how fast a particular vehicle can really go. Straight away, no obstacles, full gas engine action. Except this engine is electric. And it is attached to a sleek sports motorcycle which broke 150 MPH just to show how bad ass it really is.

The Mission Motors Mission One electric motorcycle is rated by its manufacturer to have a top speed of 150 MPH. It is claimed by Mission Motors the bike at one point hit 161 MPH, but at those speeds, does it really matter anyhow since you are going so fast? The Mission One, for the tech geeks, has a liquid cooled, three-phase AC induction motor and sports a torque of 100 lb-ft @ 0 to 6,500 rpm. The lithium ion battery pack is said to get 150 miles between charges and, besides being rechargeable through a standard AC outlet, can capture energy through regenerative braking. 50 first production units of this motorcycle are expected sometime next year, each with a nearly $69,000 price tag.

image via Mission Motors

image via Mission Motors

Mission Motors [via Wired]

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