California Hopes to Regulate Energy Hog TVs

The state of California likes to be a trendsetter when it comes to energy efficiency in its boundaries. Specific cities are jockeying to be renewable energy leaders and the state as a whole is very friendly to green-focused technology ideas. It comes as no surprise then that the state wants to also regulate things it considers energy hogs, such as televisions, by proposing that manufacturers selling TVs in California cut the device’s energy consumption in coming years.

California, in announcing these proposals on Friday, wants to see its recommended energy efficiency standards cover new televisions offered for sale statewide beginning in 2011 and 2013. The 2011 requirement would cut energy consumption by an average of 33 percent, while the 2013 phase-in would reduce energy consumption by an average of 49 percent. California’s Energy Commission says “the technology to make TVs more energy efficient is available now and currently used now in a variety of models,” some of which are already meeting both new standards. The proposals, which will be available for public commentary over the next 45 days, are expected to be approved and are opposed by the Consumer Electronics Association, a trade group for CE manufacturers. This group’s feeling is that, while it supports the goal of “energy efficiency,” it is not in favor of the proposals as they are spelled out.

image via California

image via California

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