Audi Showcases Suave e-tron Concept EV

The IAA motor show, going on in Frankfurt, Germany at the moment, is a big place every year to preview concept cars, which in turn influence the actual cars consumers like you later drive. The buzz this year is around electric vehicles, with perhaps one of the most coveted positions in this spotlight being the just announced Audi e-tron.

The Audi e-tron concept is described as “a high-performance sports car with a purely electric drive system.” it has four powerful motors – two each in the front and rear axles – which spin the wheels. The e-tron’s motors produce an equivalent 313 HP, letting the vehicle break 60 MPH in 4.1 seconds. It runs off of a lithium-ion battery which offers a range of 154 miles before needing to be charged. There is an amazing number of bells and whistles on this concept car, including a heat pump to warm up and heat the car’s interior, electronics which are “networked” with the surroundings for the purposes of things like traffic flow and safety and a touch-sensitive surface on the steering wheel for controls. As this is a concept car, you’ll probably never see it in production, but it showcases that the future of electric vehicles is much more than just golf carts.

image via Audi

image via Audi

Audi e-tron [via press release]

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