Back to School 2009 Green Gadgets Buying Guide

August each year always heralds the preparation for back to school, be it college or high school and below. Students get outfitted with the items they think they will need for the coming school year, ranging from new clothes to backpacks to textbooks. While the olden days also used to have students carrying low tech items such as rulers and pencils, the advance of technology has added to that load everything from calculators to laptop computers. Those set to roam class halls and college campus with a green focus in mind will be going even further then that, relying upon the bright lights of the classroom to charge their solar calculators while turning to eco-friendly gadgets to help them navigate the educational curriculum.

What, therefore, should green-focused students consider? We’ve prepared a list below of items available through our shopping partner which we feel will help get you started. Price ranges on these items do vary, which is something any budget focused student must keep in mind when considering purchases. So get green doing back to school shopping and good luck in your fall 2009 classes!

TI-30XS Multiview Calculator

The TI-30XS calculator from Texas Instruments is very much your garden variety calculator which you take into class to figure out your geometry or algebra work. This scientific calculator has four lines of display for comparing results, lets you scroll through past results for comparison, lets you toggle between fractions and decimals and allows you to see scientific notation in its proper form. The eco-factor here is that this calculator can be solar-powered via the panel built into its front side.

image via Amazon

image via Amazon

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Voltaic Solar Panel Backpack

The backpack is the cherished workhorse of the student – it carries around your books, your lunch, your cellphone and who knows what else. You can make it work for you more though with this solar paneled backpack from Voltaic. This bag sports three solar panels which take in the rays of the sun and convert them to energy. This energy is fed to a built-in battery pack which in turn connects to your favorite portable devices, such as MP3 players, to charge them. The pack comes with a variety of adapters so you can charge a wide array of devices, and it can also be charged via other means if you don’t have a strong enough light source available.

image via Amazon

image via Amazon

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