New Sustainable Living Online Community Debuts

A new online “green living” site dedicated to stopping global warming has sprung up in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch entrepreneur who launched it. Climatarians, as it is being called by entrepreneur Joost Hoogstrate, was inspired by the Al Gore environmental documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The Climatarians site, according to Hoogstrate, is focused on creating a green community online focused upon sustainable living. It has the usual tools one would expect of a site like this, including a forum, wiki and user blogs. A green business focused directory is also available for those seeking to either add their businesses to the listings or do business with those who promote a green lifestyle. It his hard to say how well this site will do amongst the myriad of similar sites out there, but we wish Climatarians good luck nonetheless.


Climatarians [via press release - image via Climatarians]

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