Laptop Warrior Boosts Notebook Battery

Laptop batteries are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they let you go truly portable with your notebook computer. On the other hand, they usually only last a few hours before needing recharging, which requires frequent use of being connected to a wall socket. A company by the name of Rocky Research as a new device – the Laptop Warrior – which it thinks can help you eek out a little more power out of your computer before it is recharge time.

How the Laptop Warrior works isn’t exactly clear, though the company promises it optimizes your computer’s running time by up to 30 percent when installed. You install it by connecting the USB drive style device to your laptop when you first turn it on, allowing the auto-running software on the unit to install into the computer’s memory so it can replace the operating system’s default power-management utility. The Laptop Warrior also needs to be plugged in each time you start up your notebook (though it can be unplugged after the software installs), which might be a pain to many.

Laptop Warrior

Laptop Warrior

Rocky Research Laptop Warrior [via press release - image via Rocky Research]

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