Hybrid Boat Crosses Pacific with Hybrid Cars

One of the ways in which Toyota Priuses get into the hands of consumers is by boat from Japan. One would think transportation across the Pacific in a huge car cargo ship would be very environmentally unfriendly. Not completely so if the vehicles are traveling aboard the solar-panel equipped Auriga Leader.

The Auriga Leader, as profiled recently by a writer for the Edmunds blog Green Car Advisor, was in the Port of Long Beach in California to drop off a load of mostly new Toyota Priuses. The car carrier is typical of ships of its type – able to carry thousands of vehicles at a time – but what it makes it stand out from all others are the experimental solar panels attached to the top deck. These panels reportedly provide some “40 kilowatts” to the Leader’s electrical system, cutting down on the usage of diesel fuel to power electrical needs. A hybrid carrier for a hybrid car – pretty cool.

Auriga Leader

Auriga Leader

Auriga Leader [via Green Car Advisor - image via Edmunds]

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