Burger King Wants Your Car’s Energy

Even as McDonald’s plays with letting you charge your electric vehicle on-site while you munch on a Big Mac, arch fast food rival Burger King is involved in an interesting alternative energy pilot of its own. The franchise owner of a Burger King in Hillsdale, New Jersey is letting New Energy Technologies harvest energy through cars driving over a special bump in the drive-through.

New Energy Technologies is testing something called MotionPower, which collects energy generated by a vehicle slowing down into a small series of speed bumps built into the ground. This energy collected is, in turn, converted into electricity which could potentially be used to power the lights at the the Burger King location. More than 150,000 drive through each day, which could, in theory, generate a lot of power. You could probably do better for the environment, and yourself, but just staying away from Burger King altogether, however.

New Energy Technologies

New Energy Technologies [via CleanTechnica - image via New Energy Technologies]

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